Joomla Plugin: Search Engine Keywords Highlight(Specail Version)

Written by Li   

A Search engine keywords highlight for Joomla.

Support the following search engines:

  • Google
  • Yahoo
  • MSN
  • Live
  • Ask
  • Baidu

 For a live demo, you can search 'Java open directory' with google.


find in the search result, and click.

Then you will find the keywords: java open directory are all highlighted.

Tips. Search engine keywords highlight for Joomla need mootools.js. 


Joomla Search SEO Plugin
Written by Li   

A very useful joomla search SEO Plugin, it is based on the official search content plugin, and add some seo features.

It will generate page title, meta description and meta keywords dynamicly according to the search keywords and search results.


Please disable the official  Seach --Content Plugin.


How to accelerate Joomla search speed?
Written by Li   

Here are some tips and tricks to accelerate Joomla search speed:

1. For most sites, we only want the user search articles, so you  can disable the following search plugins:

  •  Search - Weblinks
  • Search - Contacts
  • Search - Categories
  • Search - Sections
  • Search - Newsfeeds

You can disable the above search plugins from

Extensions -->Plugin Manager 

    2. If you don't have Uncategorized Articles or Archived Articles, you can disable them from 

Extensions-->Plugin Manager-->Search Content

Thus, it can improve your Joomla search speed greatly.

Joomla1.0.x module - mod_MostReadByCategoryOrSection
Written by Li   

Joomla1.0.x module - mod_MostReadByCategoryOrSection

If the current menu is using com_content(or com_contentex), this mod will display most read articles of the category or section selected by the menu.
For frontpage and some other cases(the active is not using com_content or com_contentex), it will display the most read contents,just as mod_mostRead does.It works properly in Joomla 1.0.x version natively

 For Joomla 1.5.x Version, please download from here:

Joomla 1.5.x

Mod_latestnewsByCategoryOrSection for Joomla1.0.X
Written by Li   

Joomla1.x module  Mod_latestnewsByCategoryOrSection :

If the current menu using com_content, this mod will display latest Contents of the category or section selected by the menu. For frontage and some other cases(the active is not using com_content), it will display the latest contents just as mod_latest does.It works properly in Joomla 1.0x version natively.

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