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Joomla1.5 Module--mod_latestBySectionOrCategory
Written by Li   

V1.0: If the current menu using com_content, this mod will display latestly Contents of the category or section selected by the menu. For frontpage and some other cases(the active is not using com_content), it will display the latest contents just as mod_latest does.It works properly in Joomla 1.5 version natively.

V1.01: Make it compatable with com_contentex
V1.0.2 Tuning to make it faster.
V1.0.3 Tuning to make it faster.

V1.04 Fix a bug. 

V1.0.4 Remove a hidden bug.


For how the module is implements and what has been changed from the official module. You can visit the following article:

Get active menu linked Content's section Id and category Id in Joomla1.5.x

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