Useful Joomla extensions
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Building site with Joomla, Usefull Joomla extensions

  1. Automatically generated site sitemap (html & google xml sitemap) - Recommend XMap plug-in
  2. Forum (integrated into Joomla, use the same user management system) - Recommended FireBoard Forum plug-in
  3. Voting system - simple to use Joomla built-in vote Poll enough. The need for complex voting can use plug-in pollXT
  4. Latest News, Most Popular - Recommend mod_latestByCategoryOrSection
  5. Site statistics - can each day, month, year to view the site visit a few, Unique Visitor few, referrence site, visitors ip & state, etc - to use plug-in Joomla Visits
  6. Site document management - can joomla background upload, download, compression, delete, copy paper, etc. - to use plug-in JoomlaXplorer
  7. Multi-language management - can use visit of Chinese products page, of course, their need to increase the content of their translation into Chinese, can be very convenient to complete the background - the use of Joom! Fish inserted Pieces
  8. Contact us - an online e-mail to you the plug-in - the use of Joomla enough built-in plug-in
  9. Web Links - can be used to manage Links - the use of Joomla enough built-in plug-in
  10. Joomla Watch - from the current background check those pages visitors are here (also know that the user visit the website of the track) - the use of plug-in JoomaWatch
  11. User-friendly (search engine friendly SEF) URL - joomla system because it is difficult to see the url, sh404SEF plug-ins can change this situation, you can also customize the page url
  12. Background Editor - used to edit the contents of the article WYSIWYG editor - recommended JCE plug-in
  13. Database backup - very necessary, the daily Joomla database backup e-mail sent to you in - the use of Jombackup daily mysql backup bot plug-in
  14. Keyword, title Optimization - According to the article content can be automatically generated SEO keywords and title, for certain words you can set weight - using j oomSEO plug-in These are my own Web site to use the function, the following are not used, but a very useful function:
  15. Communities - into Joomla, the use of a user management system with the community, - the use of Community Builder plug-in
  16. E-commerce - similar to shopping on the Internet - using plug-in VirtueMart
  17. Blog - Blog - recommended Blogg-X plug-in
  18. Google Ads - a plug-google ads on the website if you have google ads, you need it--MultiAds
  19. Download (documentation) management - If your site has a lot of things to download (for instance, Affiliate site) strongly recommended the use of plug-in DOCman
  20. Ticket System - can be used to support or bug report system - currently the only one free plug-in - WebAmoeba Ticket Systemc plug-in, it is not very strong, but can be used

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