Joomla MultiAds Tutorial
Written by Li   

After install MultiAds plugin, open Extensions->Plugin Manager, you will find the MultiAds. MultiAds in Joomla plugin manager

Select MultiAds and click edit button, you will see the MultiAds configuration page. Joomla MultiAds configuration

In MultiAds configuration page, please notice

  1. Make sure the 'Enable' select 'Yes'.
  2. Just copy the ads code into the four input box.
  3. Align style:Left,Right,Center,None. The align style only affect 'Content top ads'.
  4. 'Content top ads' and 'Content bottom ads' only appear in the article show.
In the following picture,the image above the article is shown by 'Before Content Ads'. Joomla MultiAds Before Content Ads

In the following picture, you will find the 'Content top Ads','Content bottom Ads' and 'After Content Ads'. Joomla MutiAds Result

You can also put more than one ads in one box. In the above picture, I have put two Google Ads in 'Content top Ads', one is 336*228 image style, the other is 336*228 text style. When you put two Ads in one box, please select 'None' ore 'Center' Align style.

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