Joomla Mass Mail
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Delight your users with mass mailings.

As cynical as this may sound in our age of mass email spamming, it is the best way
for contacting registered users. The Mass Mail component gives you the tool to
do this.
Mail To Child Groups: If you check this, the subgroups of the selected user group
also get mail.
Send in HTML mode: Check this if you want the mass mailing to be sent in HTML
format. HTML mail is getting more and more popular. Keep in mind, however, that
many email clients can deactivate HTML display and that some recipients don't like
HTML mail for various reasons.
Group: Here you select which user group you want to target with the mass mailing.
Subject: The subject matter of your email
Message: The actual text
In order to be able to send your mass mailing, the mail settings in Site | Global
Configuration | Server | Mail
Settings have to be set correctly. If you want to send a
mass mailing from your local environment, but you don't have a mail server, you can
enter the settings of your mail provider's SMTP server.

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