Get active menu linked Content's section Id and category Id in Joomla1.5.x
Written by Li   

In joomla1.5.X, If the active menu links to com_content, we can use the following code to get the active menu linked content's section id and category Id.

	 $menus = &JSite::getMenu();

	 $currentMenu  = $menus->getActive();   

	   }else if($menuView=='article'){
			$sql = "SELECT c.sectionid,c.catid"
				. "\n FROM #__content AS c"
				. "\n WHERE = ".$articleId;
			$database->setQuery( $sql );
			$sectionCat = $database->loadObjectList();

The following Joomla1.5.x categoryOrSection series extensions are all using the above code. Joomla categoryOrSection series extensions

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