Fix fireboard for joomla1.5 joomlaVersion not found in myprofile.php 702 line bug
Written by Li   

When I use FireBoard1.0.4 for Joomla1.5, error occurs when I change password in my profile.

"Fatal error: Class 'joomlaVersion' not found in
on line 702"

 Fix it in two steps.

1.Change line 702 from

 document.write('')$joomlaVersion = new joomlaVersion(); 


 document.write('')$joomlaVersion = new JVersion(); 

Noticed in Joomla 1.5 that version.php was changed from joomlaVersion to JVersion.

2. Add the following language definition in:


DEFINE('_USER_DETAILS_SAVE''Your new password has been saved.'); 

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